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Know what you stand for, then stand up for it 


   WhatWEdo.net Founder, Michelle Simon



Michelle Simon, MA/LP  ~ Offices of Simon & Guthrie

 It is my honor to introduce WhatWEdo.net and welcome community members to be part of this type of networking opportunity.

 Although I am the designer of this web-site and it's "Founder", it is really a site/concept that developed from a need that

 I came to understand to exist after many personal business experiences and ongoing messages from many others. 

Without the support and encouragement of my husband and the overwhelming sense of being reminded of my "purpose" I feel from the Lord, I am not sure I would have had the persistence to carry through this project.  So for that, I am again ever grateful for my family and my faith.


 I am married to Dale;  Together we have 3 children.  We have made Duluth, MN our home, in which I have resided since 1980.  By Profession I

 am a Licensed Psychologist; Family Court Mediator & Arbitrator. 

Together my husband and I own Guthrie Plumbing & Heating;  I also run Offices of Simon & Guthrie (an Arbitration & Psychological consulting service); and I also do workshops centered on consumer education as to best promote wellness from the inside - out.  My passion and purpose is to advocate for children in some venue.  I firmly support ongoing child-provider and parent education, prevention and always speaking up on behalf for our children (even when they're not our own).   I do include my own children in this advocating, as I am also a supporter of, "bringing parents home".  Time is not something we get back.

 I am a Stroke survivor. I share this to let others know that I am blessed with daily recovery, but also wouldn't change a thing.  I have learned

 more in the years since my stroke(stroke was 1/2006) than I did in 9 years of college!   My values and leadership philosophy led me to develop this site and new twist to networking, "Helping others because it's the right thing to do" / "Giving to give, not to get".  With this vision I hope to have members develop relationships, grow businesses and lead by example so that duplication is something that is sought out. 

                 "In hard times or anytime: You can be BITTER or you can be BETTER.                                                        The best way to BE BETTER, is by HELPING OTHERS"



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  Value & Believe in yourself... It will show through to Valuing & Believing in others.

Recognize others ~ Praise them honestly, often and publicly  ~ Build relationships


                     FOUNDER'S FAVORITES
  • You will face failure more than success - so DECIDE which one you will focus on.
  • Be yourself regardless of how others are "being".  When they have treated you unfairly, be kind anyway.  When they say hurtful things, be pleasant anyway.
  • When words are both honest and kind they can change the world.
  • Be good on purpose.  Make the choice.  Words are always a choice.  Determine your attitude, it begins with your thoughts.  
  • Your character is a sum of all your thoughts (James Allen).  Character is not defined by credentials.
  • Lead by example.   Everywhere.   One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to show love for the other parent.
  • Everyone has an important role.  Each was born to this world with a purpose, with potential and talents to share.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself
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