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     Ability without honor is useless.

                           M. Cicero


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The Personal Touch!

We think it's important to properly

represent a business by personally

being and doing the best we can...

by choice.     

We choose integrity, honesty, good

morals, ethics, & God's values

to be clearly displayed in our

work ethic and customer relations.


     Here's a bit more about:



Married with 3 children.

Raised in Duluth

    Enjoy:    Bow hunting; Golfing ;

Snowmobiling; "Wrenching" on cars

Member of:

NRA / Local Gun Club


















GUTHRIE Plumbing & Heating, LLC
Dale Guthrie,  Master Plumber  
Plumbing & Heating  
Lic #  38113-PM  
1005 W Morgan Street  
Duluth MN 55811  
Direct Business Line:               218-348-7473  
Appointments/Service Calls:  218-727-8733  


                                      email me

Power Limited Technician                   Certified Welder             Licensed/Bonded/Insured (MN)


Reg UNL Electrician (MN State)

Certified Installer of Rinnai; Gastite gasline                       

Trained Installer for MN Power's "Drain Water Heat Recovery" Program (DWHR)


SERVICES We Offer               



    Water Heaters - all types (replacing, converting, updating)

    Furnaces / Boilers / Outdoor Wood-boiler (Heatmaster)

    Gas Appliance Hook-ups and Gas Piping

    Remodels & Additions  -  Kitchens  /  Bathrooms

    Repairing and replacing piping, water lines, heating systems, drain lines

    Repairing freeze ups (from pipes to dishwashers)

    Drippy faucets,  leaky pipes,   running toilets,  sump pump install / repair,   snaking drains.....

           Offer troubles shooting and consultation services

"No job is too small or not worth our time!"

What We Offer You Specifically:
  • We set fair prices that typically beat those of the competition. 


  • We HONOR our word, our work and our customer's time and home.


  • RESPECT is delivered from the time of office contact, to entering your home, providing quality service at the prices you were quoted and cleaning up after ourselves!


  • Projects are started and completed within a timely manner.


  • All clean up is done with non-toxic products.   WE CLEAN UP OUR MESS!


  • Dale is a MASTER Plumber and has over 20 years of experience.


  • Customers are not charged huge material mark ups and are shown how to save money by doing some of their own "ahead of time shopping and delivery".

"In my business I help home-owners understand what they can do

to best complete their project economically and fashionably."



We also offer Guthrie P&H Extension Services

                 for your additional around-home construction needs


 +  HOME INSPECTIONS with an eye of expertise! 


   Helping potential buyers make informed  purchases based on a quality inspection.      

   Helping sellers prepare for a home inspection.


  +  Converting from Oil to Gas Heat    

  + Improving water pressure / flow                   

  + REMODELING to Plumbing your new home!

   +  City of Duluth's sump-pump installs (our plumber is on-site for the whole job!)

  + Gas Fireplaces, Stoves and all GAS HOOK UP NEEDS      

 Around Home HELPERS - Experienced Handy-work in and outside your home     

  +Certified HOME INSPECTION walk through or a

    Walk through to "get prepared" for a sale.


   + Those looking for quality work within a budget      

  + Rental Units needing to add a bathroom or servicing

    +Those up-dating so a senior citizen can safely use the bathrooms   

                                            WE LOVE REFERRALS!




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