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                                                                                                                                                                                  Michelle Simon




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Who you are,

     determines what you see


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The Personal Touch!

We think it's important to properly

represent a business by personally

being and doing the best we can...

by choice.     

We choose integrity, honesty, good

morals, ethics, & God's values

to be clearly displayed in our

work ethic and customer relations.

     Here's a bit more about:

        Michelle Simon


    Married with 3 children

Attended the University of MN,

        Duluth 1980-1989

Enjoy Golf, Fishing, Photography,

   Shooting Pool, Target Shooting

              MEMBER OF:

Board Member

 of Positive Energy for Youth

Member of Children's

 Rights Council

Member of Northwestern

 Gun Club

Regional Office for The ZoneTeam





































Michelle Simon, MA/LP  
Health & Wellness  
Business Phone:  218.940.8333  


                              email me

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(for free Healthy Home booklet and request info)


  • Licensed Psychologist                                                                                                         
  • Environmental Toxin Educator / Nutrition -Brain/Body Focus Physical Development
  • Family Court Arbitrator (MN)
Calendar of Monthly Events Below
   PROGRAM : MorENERGY LessWT       

                                       Covered by most insurance!  Currently FULL




What We Do:                   


       Education on Healthy Consumer Choices (In home / In body)


         Educate on effective, healthy approaches for:   


        Weight Loss/Management, Cholesterol lowering, Healthy Heart, Diabetics, Auto-immune issues...

           Indoor air quality  (Vapors / Dusts / Allergens .... to Radon, Lead and more)

        Replacing chemical based cleaners / disinfectants and personal care products


      Education for parents regarding pregnancy, child safety, nutrition, and

      day care provider issues.


      My role is to educate you, answer your questions and help you find

                        cost-effective solutions that fit for your life-style


         Click here to  See WHY I DO WHAT I DO!   Helping others, one household at a time!

         MAKE SURE Your Products DO NOT CONTAIN harsh chemicals or fillers, or other dangerous

         preservatives or ingredients   


        Effective weight management program -

                                     Also ask about the MorENERGYlessWT Program (No Charge)

                 (We don't believe in meal replacement or magic shakes or juices).

What We Offer You Specifically:

SIMPLER- SAFER- SMARTER OPTIONS                                                                     

Helping YOU, the consumer find EFFECTIVE Replacement Products for what you already use...

    only in a safer, healthier, green, cost-effective format


PRODUCT EDUCATION:        Understand why you need to be an informed consumer!               

  • Do you KNOW the NO-NO list of Retail Products?      BUYER BEWARE!   



      CLICK above icon to view VIDEO:   DO YOU HAVE ALLERGIES/ASTHMA? 

       LOOK WHAT typical cleaners are dangerous for YOU         


  •      DO YOU KNOW the  behind using unsafe cleaners and your health?                                                                                                                         
  •      WHAT's IN YOUR HOME?     



Consumer Education-

     Information Sessions for the public                                                          


COME SEE AN INFO-SESSION  ----  NOTHING for sale - Just incredible lnformation!


  ON LINE / OVER PHONE / In-Person - Request times   



EVERYONE benefits from Healthier - Safer - Greener Product  

                                  Help me let others know

Those with:  Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, High Cholesterol, Arthritis...

Those diagnosed with or recovering from: Cancer, Stroke, Cardiac issues.

Parents who:

- Have children with diagnosis of   ADHD, Autism, or respiratory ailments - Have children with chemical sensitivity


   Open positions for PT and FT   CLICK HERE


  • People wanting to save money—provide safer products
  • Those looking to effectively lose or manage weight



Helping others because it is the right thing to do



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