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               1.  Primary brain development begins in the womb and continues through

                    the first year of life.

               2.  DHA and EPA support proper brain and eye development and have been

                   associated with higher IQ scores.

               3.  While 60% of Americans are aware of the benefits of Omega-3's, the average

                    pregnant woman consumes only 14% of the recommended levels of DHA and

                    EPA to support her developing child's brain and eyes.

               4.  Most prenatal vitamins do not contain DHA or EPA fatty acids.

               5.  Omega-3 Prenatal uses safe, natural DHA and EPA fatty acids in

                    recommended amounts to support healthy prenatal cognitive development.



What makes this Omega-3 Prenatal product different

                     from the others on the market ?                          

  • There are only a few Omega-3 products on the market specifically formulated for pregnant women. 
  • Many of them are costly or synthetic and many have purity levels as low as 30% with widely ranging inappropriate omega-3 dosages  (This Omega-3 is 70% pure and specifically formulated). 
  • Some are even comprised of the types of fish that the EPA strongly encourages women to stay away from!  This Omega-3 utilizes 3 small cold water fish (all in good standing)
  • This Omega-3 adds a natural lemon flavor to help with any aftertaste that may be experienced (NOTE: freezing gels will help with aftertaste also)

    The two Omega-3's most important to brain and eye development are DHA and EPA


  • Recent studies have found that the ideal ingredient balance is twice as much DHA as EPA.

         Arch Dis. Child Fetal Neonatal Ed. 12-21-06.    ***THIS Omega-3 provides the proper balance!




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