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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tucker Hanlon




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The high destiny of the individual

  is to serve, rather than to rule

                         A. Einstein


Visit an a

The Personal Touch!

We think it's important to properly

represent a business by personally

being and doing the best we can...

by choice.     

We choose integrity, honesty, good

morals, ethics, & God's values

to be clearly displayed in our

work ethic and customer relations.


     Here's a bit more about:

      Tucker Hanlon

+ Married with 2 children

     Reside in Lakeside Neighborhood

+ Enjoys family time, baseball,

   softball, fishing, hunting, skiing 



Hermantown & Duluth Chamber of

  Commerce (Ambassador)


NorthEast Insurance Brokers, Inc.  
Tucker Hanlon Home - Auto- Business- Life
Insurance Broker  
Business Phone:  218.491.7855 501 Lake Ave So - Suite 320
Cellular Phone:  218.341.6186 Duluth,   MN  55805


                email me

Visit an additional Website:

 Licensed in MN & WI


What We Do:  Product - Services                     




"In my business I help people

protect their assets in a timely, cost effective manner"

What We Offer You Specifically:

~ We allow our customers access to 10 different companies as to assure them the best price and package for their auto and home insurance needs.

~ We offer a commercial package that allows for tailored options of endless choosing to best fit the company's need and budget.

~ Our Insurance Brokerage allows us a competitive advantage that benefits the customer.

"In my business I show people the most cost effective way to secure their home, life and future"

OTHER -  Dates / specials / showings
Who benefits from my business -  Help me let them know

+ First time home-owners                                              + Small Businesses

+ Multiple car owners                                                     + Liability Insurance Protection

+ Trades Industry (insurance protection)                      

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