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                                                                                                                                                                               Mark & Jenny Lau




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"You must be the change

you wish to see in the world."

                           - Gandhi


The Personal Touch!

We think it's important to properly

represent a business by personally

being and doing the best we can...

by choice.     

We choose integrity, honesty, good

morals, ethics, & God's values

to be clearly displayed in our

work ethic and customer relations.


     Here's a bit more about:

    Mark & Jenny Lau    

     Married and Reside in Duluth

     Began their business in 2003







Northern Pines

Landscaping & Design TM

Group Contact Mark & Jenny Lau, Owners
Member Title: Landscaping
Business Phone: 218.729.4968
Cellular Phone: 218.590.7401


         email me

Visit our additional Website: 


Licensed: MN Dept of Agriculture

Versa-lok training

Vast Installation training





"Making Your Yard Dreams

A Reality"


What We Do:  Product - Services                     




PAVERSTONE & FLAGSTONE:  Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks



WATER FEATURES:  Water falls, Streams, Ponds              Click and choose your view!

DECORATIVE LANDSCAPING:  Mulch, Rock, Trees, Shrubs

SPORT FIELDS: Sodding & Grading

GO GREEN:  Materials that are Earth Friendly   

                               Brock White

What We Offer You Specifically:


  • We offer Free Estimates, Recommendations based on experience, Up to date designing, Timely service
  • We use quality materials and equipment.   
  • We partner with other on-the-job contractors to make for the best end results
  • We offer planning that includes 2 to 4 year progressions and budgeting to match
  • We offer the best in EARTH FRIENDLY materials -  SEE Deck & Patio



Helping homeowners design a landscape

to meet their expectations & stay within their budget

OTHER -  Dates / specials/ showings                                     

    + Taking appointments to help you best prepare for next year's projects!

Who benefits from my business -  Help me let them know

+ New home owners

+ Those wanting to modify an existing landscape / Remodeling

+ Bettering the outdoor appeal around decks, walkways, patios, 

   driveways and more

+ Wanting unique design & personal touches for their home or workplace

+ Home Owners with water drainage issues / wet basements

   (We redirect water)

+ Those wanting to increase home property value & appeal in a cost

   effective manner

+ Commercial Property

+ Sporting Fields

Let us help you design your project



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