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   WHAT WE DO....

             Is Simple Networking ...                             People working together


Word of mouth referrals are valued and bring good business.

Who's doing the referring needs to stand for as much as who is being referred.


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           Partner up with positive

     people.  Surround yourself with a

        healthy, caring environment.

     That is the making of an effective,

               power packed team.

                 Michelle Simon, MA/LP



 Who We Are:

  • We are a group of community members partnered together to genuinely enhance each other’s business and encourage the dynamics necessary for individual success.  As members we realize this premise will in turn increase our own individual growth and ultimately self betterment.



              "Invest in others and it will always come back to you,

                     sometimes in a most unexpected way"     J.Maxwell      

  Our Goal: 

  • To intentionally add value to another member’s business by making time and effort to genuinely give of ourselves what we can towards that betterment. 
  • To thoughtfully make a difference in the lives and businesses of of others, to apply the "helping others" concept within our community and to maintain a group partnership that allows for support and continued success.


                  "No man becomes rich unless he enriches others"

                                                                                                   Andrew Carnegie


 WhatWEdo.net Partners agree to conducting


  • Integrity / Solid Work Ethic
  • Being Approachable / Listeners
  • Respectful Demeanor / Appropriate Language
  • Positive Regard for Self and Others
  • Having Direct, Respectful Communication
  • Accountability
  • Trustworthy
  • Confidentiality when sought


  WhatWEdo.net Partners agree to these 


  • Keeping our interest in others: Building each other up by doing for others what we can. 
  • Never allowing a situation to mean more than the relationship.
  • Working together increases the odds of a business being successful.


  • Focusing on what we can give, instead of what we will get.  Developing others first and often.  Giving to give, not to get something in return.  No score keeping.  Giving genuinely.
  • Treating others as individuals, not simply as business contacts.
  • Treating members with equality and respect at all times.

           "You can do what I cannot do.  I can do what you cannot do.

                  Together we can do great things".      Mother Teresa


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